Plaid Web Demo lets you trial OpenADR for free

The Plaid web demo lets users quickly get a feel for using the OpenADR protocol and how Plaid implements it.

1 minute read ∙ Apr 28th, 2021

Plaid is available as a self-hosted software package that allows companies to implement an OpenADR VEN as though they had built their implementation themselves, from scratch. The dominant implementation model is to run Plaid in a cloud platform such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, whether in a virtual instance or docker container. While implementing Plaid on your platform of choice is relatively easy (see how easy in the docs), it still requires some know-how to download the software, provision an instance and run it.

We are excited to introduce a free GridFabric-hosted demo, where users can go in and run Plaid themselves using a UI, with zero infrastructure requirements. This offers a way to create an instance of Plaid (an OpenADR VEN), have it register with an OpenADR VTN (which users also get access to), and use the latter to create OpenADR events. Plaid receives the events from the VTN and converts the data into JSON payloads that can be POSTed to an endpoint of your choosing.


The demo is the fastest way to get hands on experience with how events work, and how Plaid abstracts away the implementation complexities of OpenADR while still letting users tap into the full power of the protocol. You can always start simple and iterate towards additional complexity when needed.

Try it out for free at

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